Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Where I've Been

This is kind of fun...a map of where I've been I've been to (good find, Albert)....

make your own

If you need a cheat sheet, try this. I'm still not sure I got all of my road trip correct. ;-)

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Stuff I've been consuming

Saw City of God this weekend...quite a movie. A little depressing, but very well told, not unlike Mystic River, although City of God has much more style. I'm very curious to know more about the true story...someone was telling me that tourists actually tour the slums in Rio. Also saw Casablanca at the Brattle...much better than I remembered, I think I must been half-asleep when I saw it last.

I've also been eating at new places, like East Coast Grill (the vegetable entree was actually really interesting!) and Joshua Tree (pretty average) and Bomboa (snazzy atmosphere). Also went to Bertucci's and Peach Farm again. Last night, hit Pour House (much nicer than the last time I went, now has a tap!) and LIR (a little too loud and grown-up-frat-partyish).

Still on the prowl for a new album to buy. In the meantime, Jonathan pointed out the gray album.

How to find long-lost people?

So, I'm trying to track down this long-lost (for various complicated reasons) cousin of mine, Tina Thakar, who I know married a Michael Vaulter and settled down in San Francisco before we really lost track of her. I noticed that she was on classmates.com and laid down $40, but the email address they have must no longer be valid. There isn't anything promising in any of the online phone books. Anybody know of other ways of tracking people down? (Then again, maybe she doesn't want to be found...)

Thursday, February 19, 2004


And you thought your job was boring?

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Back again

So, just as I was about to write a blog entry describing how Feedster came through with Janet Jackson pictures way before the big engines could catch up with it, coupled with a rant about how a network whose leading shows are rife with violence and allusions to sex and even purport to present "reality" had turned out to be just as hypocritically and capriciously Puritanical and superstitious as the next American, I found out our server had been hacked. Grr. I think I would rather have a car stolen than have my data messed with. It's just disruptive and scary. Anyway, things are back to normal (yay Richard!).

Since then, not too much has happened. I finally saw 28 Days Later (scary!) and watched Miracle (fun, simple!) with Wes (happy birthday wes!). I also made Valentine's Day reservations with the help of Open Table. What a cool service. It'd be nice if they linked straight to menus, though, since it took a while to figure out which restaurants (many of them!) didn't have vegetarian options, especially on their prix fixe menus.

I'm now on Orkut. Come find me. It's already proven quite valuable. I found out that Anna has been signed for many more episodes on O.C. and I found a really interesting list of collaboratively filtered web surfing experiments.