Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy times


Richard got my blog all up and running again on his new server4you server (yay Richard!). Now I can recount various exciting goings on. Sadly, all the effort that went into this (plus the hotness of the new Wordpress) make me lazier about my planned switch to Blogger, even though I should, if only for the reliability and backups.

Anyway, the big event last week was the Preposition Bar Crawl, the follow-up to the great Exponential Decay Bar Crawl. This was quite some time in the making, since the only two we could come up with at first were Off the Wagon and Against the Grain. Searching for prepositions on Yelp turned up Under the Volcano, also recommended by Renee, and Dolapo suggested In Vino, so we sort of had a crawl at that point. Lindsay threw in Down the Hatch, and we were good to go. Akshay came up with Zum Schneider at the last minute, which turned out to be a lifesaver when In Vino didn't want us and ATG wanted us to wait. Also I had a gigantic Schneider Weisse there, as depicted. The turnout was excellent, which I attribute mostly to people's love of prepositions (ahem, where would we be without them?), rather than it being my 28th birthday and my last day at Google*, both of which it just so happened to be.

The other exciting thing that happened was Apple finally approved my iPhone app, Where Was I?. It's a pretty silly app, is just fetches your Google search history, but it could be handy in a pinch. Why did it take two months to approve? I don't know. Why does Apple require apps to use their buggy network-detection code? I don't know.

*That's right. I'm leaving the (awesome in many ways) nest! I think reading the sad comments on the Google Notebook blog tipped me over the edge. Don't worry, commenters, someone was reading your complaints, he was just powerless to do anything. I'll be trying out life at tiny, tiny chartbeat starting next week.