Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why is it

that when you do interesting things, you're too busy to blog about them?

I spent the past few weekends out of town, and, in anticipation of that, did a bunch of fun stuff last month right before I left. We finally had dinner at Po (tasty, especially for the price), got cheese at Murray's (tasty), and went to the Bodies exhibit (much cooler than I thought it would be - diseased organs, vascular systems - although be sure to ask for the free MetroCard discount before you pay). I also had the 3-is-sort-of-like-unlimited-mimosas brunch at Essex (hip) and a *cough* few drinks afterward, and brunch at Cookshop (divine).

Inspired by Po, I found a recipe for wild rice with lemony escarole that was tasty. And tonight I made pasta with brocoli rabe and gorgonzola sauce (inspired by a cookbook my mom got as part of a rampage when she saw one on my Amazon wish list).

As for all the weekend trips, I went to Charles's wedding (beautiful) and talked Richard into buying Guitar Hero. The weekend after, I was in Barcelona (pictures at left), where we went to the market, a cava factory, the Sagrada Familia, a random military museum, and a restaurant with moderinsme on the walls and a great wine pick by Catherine's friend's husband. This past weekend, I went to DC to meet up with my family, where our planned baseball game was rained out, but we still went to Mt. Vernon, the American History Museum, where we spent most of the time on the science stuff, and the Holocaust Museum, which has an intense temporary exhibition about eugenics.

Obviously, it's nice to be back home, but now work's hectic and we have lots of Tribeca Film Festival tickets (resident discount - score!). Maybe June will be calm.