Thursday, January 29, 2004


I'm back home from Lotusphere, and it's time to put my life back in order and catch up on sleep (I'm particularly sad about the hours lost before realizing Zone Labs was secretly keeping me from copying files to the server's Windows share). Donuts got mentioned in a blog and another blog and then in Ed Brill's blog, which is neat. People liked the demo, and the conference as a whole was impressive...I met lots of interesting Lotus people and enthusiastic customers. If I had watched the opening session from the main hall, I could have said I'd seen Patrick Stewart, but oh well.

The trip's trappings were less stellar...Universal Studios Florida was pretty cheesy; Song was nothing special; the hotel (Disney's Dolphin "Resort") was shockingly expensive considering the crying baby next door, the missing cue ball on the pool table, the $2 cans of soda, the missing remote control, the erroneous mini bar billing, the 2 mile road "running trail," the dim flourescent lighting...the only good thing was Ethernet in the rooms, and even that ran out of bandwidth. Adding insult to injury, it was the coldest Florida's gotten in some time while we were there (though it was quite funny to see people wearing scarves and gloves in 40 degree weather). I also had forgotten how vegetarian-unfriendly Florida was.

But it was warm enough to go running outside (the one day I managed to wake up early enough!) and there were a few fun places near the hotel to grab drinks. Overall, very fun, but it's good to be back.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Yeah, yeah

So I've been neglecting my blog. It happens to everybody, right? Not entirely sure why. Part of it is probably hanging out with Catherine (we saw Urinetown (cute, catchy music, weird ending) on Saturday and then went to Finale (half hour wait and a little pricey, but worth it...mmm) and last weekend we saw Big Fish (sweet, entertaining) and ate hot pot). I've also been busy getting a demo ready for Lotusphere (although I think last week would really have been the ideal time to be in Florida). Hmm, what else have I been up to? Friday, Abe and I played laser tag, which was fun, although the high schoolers demolished me. I'm also still working on my Warcraft skills. In any case, I'm off to the grocery store now.