Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I would never do this.

Friday, December 24, 2004


Blogging on my parents' new wireless network (courtesy moi). After a week at home, the one thing I miss most about work is Diet Coke. Luckily, I had some today. Home's been very fun. And warm! Basketball, the beach, parties. It's feels odd to have people you see exactly once a year. Everyone (i.e. Josh and Charles) has a blog! Driving is kind of fun if you do it infrequently enough. Cranium is awesome! (Spelling questions are best answered sober, though.) Apples to Apples is mysterious, but easily won with the "Driving off a cliff" card. Firefly is addictive.

As an aside (as if this all weren't!), this Dilbert really captures how I felt when I first moved to Boston. (Good find, Richard):

Leaving now to watch more Jeopardy (boy has my trivia brain atrophied) and erase comment spam.

Monday, December 6, 2004

Yes, I've been delinquent

So much has been going on, I've had no time to write about it. Working backwards, more or less. Ben Franklin documentary on History Channel, Ben as a playa. Bronx Zoo at night - tigers and sea lions and camels eating, reptiles sleeping, baby capuchin monkeys breastfeeding, reindeer locking horns. Fun, if pricey. A better deal if you get in during the day - it's almost the same price. Also, the entrance closest to the subway is closed at night. Oops. Before that, Scrabble. Good find: 2 letter and 3 letter words with definitions! Google holiday party - too much booze - why did they have to have it on a Thursday? Incredibles and Kinsey (really liked Kinsey, sad how little religious conservatives have progressed in accepting human nature). Finished Oryx and Crake (Catherine thinks it's faux-deep, but I enjoyed it. Anyone want to discuss the ending?) Still hunting for decent Indian food in this city. Fun Thanksgiving at Catherine's (precarious hike in the rain at night, arcane card games, suburbia, Trading Spaces, good food). New sweater, new duvet cover, new couch. The Game. The only thing sadder than Yale on the field was Harvard charging for tailgates(!).