Friday, September 23, 2005

*Still* catching up on sleep

After doing the Reach the Beach relay last week, I'm still trying to catch up on sleep. It was awesome, though. I ran (according to Walt's spreadhseet magic) 4.6 miles at a 9:03 pace, 7.1 at a 8:26 pace, and 4.2 at a 8:20 pace. Go me. And our team kicked ass overall, running the whole thing in 31 hours (8:51 pace). It was a fun bunch. We stayed at the hotel from the Shining, ate at Friendly's and Cracker Barrel and gas station markets, and listened to disgusting stories from Ki and to Hollaback Girl on repeat. The 7 miles were in near-total darkness, it was very Long Walk-y/transcendental. The ocean at the end was wonderfully cold. This racing thing is fun. ;-)

In other news, the Google Toolbar for Firefox is out of beta. Get it and use AutoLink! Also, the experiment I worked on is out. It's nice to be launching things after a long pause since merchant ratings and advertiser ratings.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fun Art Weekend

On Saturday I went to some galleries on 25th and saw some fun art:

Boy, art is hard to describe. I should start a photoblog like Dolapo.

Anyway, as if that weren't enough, on Sunday I met up with Jordan for brunch, and he turns out to be starting an art collection. He showed me his collection, including photos of gummi bears and a painting of an apartment building. He's looking at getting a picture of Marilyn Monroe and a painting of a Lego astronaut. Along the way, we found out about these Dia installations nearby that apparently have been there for decades. The Earth Room and The Broken Kilometer were both all the more amazing for being located on expensive real estate in the hustle and bustle of SoHo.

Also, who knew that the trailer for Everything is Illuminated was out? Elijah Wood isn't exactly who I pictured as the protagonist.