Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The best part about support via chat is you can post the transcript

Such a funny mix of helpful and unhelpful!

Brigitte(22:29:54): Please give me a moment to pull up your Account.
Brigitte(22:31:54): Are you connecting to the internet/
Brigitte(22:32:00): ?
Kushal Dave(22:32:13): yes
Kushal Dave(22:32:31): although on the set top box, the features like Help do not work
Kushal Dave(22:32:43): it says it has an IP address, though
Brigitte(22:33:18): that is strange but it is not updating the box
Kushal Dave(22:34:25): uh oh
Kushal Dave(22:34:32): i saw some people saying the upgrade messed it up?
Brigitte(22:37:48): It was not an upgrade issue, it is DAC ERROR with the stb
Brigitte(22:38:18): Verizon is aware of that issue
Kushal Dave(22:38:25): i see
Kushal Dave(22:38:28): when i can expect it to be fixed
Brigitte(22:41:33): Well this has been going for sometime now
Kushal Dave(22:41:50): yes
Brigitte(22:42:00): Please have patient with us
Brigitte(22:43:00): Is there anything else?
Kushal Dave(22:43:33): well, can i get a credit on my account?
Kushal Dave(22:43:37): the dvr is much less useful without a guide
Brigitte(22:44:32): For a credit you will have to go to billing
Brigitte(22:44:58): And yes it useless with out the guide
Kushal Dave(22:45:12): okay, i guess i will try billing
Kushal Dave(22:45:16): thank you
Brigitte(22:45:42): Is there anything else?
Kushal Dave(22:46:12): nope
Brigitte(22:46:37): Have a good day. You may receive a survey regard ing this chat. I hope you can rate us a 10 based on your experience with me today. Thank you for choosing Verizon.

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